Your First Meeting

What to Expect in Your First Meeting

We understand that meeting with a financial advisor for the first time can be intimidating, and perhaps even a bit stressful. Our goal is to put you at ease, and help you feel confident in our process. Your initial conversation with our team is relaxed and informal. This is our opportunity to get to know each other, and see how we can help you. Here’s an idea of what you can expect in your first meeting with our LPL financial advisors.

Understanding the Things that Matter Most

You’ll usually meet with both of our LPL financial advisors, so we can better collaborate on your financial plan and services. But we won’t dive into your financial details right away. First, we aim to gain better insight into the things that matter most to you. We want to know what your long-term goals are, how you envision your retirement, and any areas of uncertainty in your future plans. As we get to know you, we’ll ask questions that will help us to dig a little deeper into your financial goals. We encourage you to consider some of the following questions before we meet together:

  • How do my goals impact me and my family?
  • What tradeoffs would I be willing to make to reach these goals?
  • How do these goals affect my finances?
  • Can I envision how to reach these goals, or do they seem unachievable?

Having a clear picture of what you hope to achieve can help us to develop your financial plan.

Understanding Your Current Financial Situation

Once we have an understanding of your goals and the things that matter most to you, we’ll go over information regarding your current financial circumstances. While some of these questions may feel personal, they help us to understand from where you’re starting. Questions we’ll ask might cover topics like:

  • Your current debts
  • Your comfort level with making financial decisions
  • Your tolerance for risk
  • Your financial habits and relationship with money

We encourage you to be open and honest about these topics, so we can better chart the path toward those goals we talked about. And remember: Our advisors are never here to judge your current financial situation, but to help you improve it.

Wrapping Up Our Meeting

If you would like to meet with our wealth advisors, we ask that you provide us with important financial information about your current financial situation. This includes documents regarding your:

  • Investments
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Debts
  • Expenses
  • Insurance coverage

Let’s Get You to Your Goals—Together

More importantly, we ask you to write down any questions you have for us, so we can address all of your concerns in our meeting. Our goal in our first meeting is to help put your mind at ease, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything regarding your finances or our financial services.

Ready to schedule your first meeting? Reach out to us today!